All the facilities of modern urologic applications are available within our hospitals. Within the department, there are; Stone Crushing Unit, Urodymanics Laboratory and Ultrasonography. Aerodynamics Laboratory has got the facility of videourodynamics. Stone Crushing Unit is also used in the treatment of some other diseases that shock wave treatments used such as “Peyronie” disease, except stone disease. Routine controls of the stone crushing patients are carried out in ultrasonography unit. Besides andrologic examinations, transrectal ultrasounography and biopsy procedures are also performed in the ultrasonography unit.

Standard urologic diagnosis and treatment services are carried out in all our centers. On the other hand, besides the diagnosing and treatment services, creating specific areas in research and training issues are carried out. Except general urology; andrology, pediatric urology, endourology / laparoscopy, female urology and uro-oncology disciplines are carrying out their study and research activities. Faculty members have several national and international publications.