Reconstruction operations are performed almost all of the human body by plasctic surgeons alone or coordinated with other surgical branches and they try to regain the lost body function of the patient as much as possible.


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Operations

Craniofacial Surgery: It is the surgical correction of all kinds of head and face deformities.

Maxillofacial Surgery: It is the correction of all kinds of congenital or accidental deformities and dysfunctions of soft tissues of facial area and facial bones.

Microsurgery Operations: Closure of open wounds by transferring free tissue, treatment of facial paralysis, re-plantations of detached limbs are the samples of this operation group.

Oncologic Reconstructive Surgery: They are the functional or structural correction operations that are a result of removal of a tumor from any part of the body.

Hand Surgery: It is the correction of any congenital or acquired dysfunctions or deformities of arm, forearm and hand nerve, muscle, tendon and bone structures.

Burn Treatment: Closure of burn with skin grafts in the early period and correction of movement limitations and scars in the late period.

Wounds: Any kind of simple or complicated wounds can be treated by medical or surgical methods. Chronic wounds, vascular origin wounds that cannot be treated, pressure wounds and diabetic wounds are being improved.

Removal of Wound Scars: To reduce the scars of wounds developed as a result of trauma or surgery, by using various treatment methods with evaluating the specific conditions of patient.


Aesthetic Surgery Operations

Nose operations: While performing aesthetics, deviation can be corrected at the same time.

Face Lifting and Rejuvenation: The relaxed and loose facial skin stretched and a younger face appearance is gained. Neck and forehead wrinkles can be stretched at the same operation.

Eye lid operations and Removal of Under eye sacs: By removing the excess skin and fat in the upper and lower eyelids, the sacs which bring tired appearance to the person are eliminated.

Botox and Filling Materials (Hyaluronic Acid and similar): They are the methods used in  not very deep wrinkles. Botox is injected to the muscles under the wrinkled skin in small amounts and the principal of the related muscle not to loosen and provide wrinkle for 6-8 months is applied.

Correction of Ear Deformities: Usually performed due to prominent ears. This intervention should be performed before the age of school since the development of ear is completed at the age of 5 - 6 years.

Elimination of facial acne scars: Good results can be obtained within 7-10 days with methods such as chemical peeling.

Breast Reduction: Patients experience complaints such as back pain, skin rashes due to saggy and big breasts. Besides this, this operation can be performed to every patient who wants to have a proportional body.

Gynecomasty: This state which can be explained as the physiologic or pathologic big size of male breast is a frequent problem in the society that plastic surgery concerns.

Breast Enlargement: Silicone implants which are used to normalize the underdeveloped or small breasts are filled with gel silicon or saline and covered with a silicon membrane. After these implants which are in various composition, shape and projection are inserted you can return your normal activities within 4-5 days.

Liposuction: It is an operation for reshaping the body.