In nephrology clinic; outpatient and inpatient follow ups are made for the ones who have hypertension and renal transplantation. Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, flow continuous dialysis treatments, plasmapheresis, hemoperfusion, intensive care nephrology services are given.

All dialysis patients are monitored by monthly blood counts, biochemical tests, lung graphics, ECG and Echocardiography. Laboratory and imaging services with our latest technology equipments are given to the patients that require advanced evaluation.

All dialysis services are provided 7 days of a week for 24 hours. Preoperational preparations and post operational follows of the renal transplant patients are carried out in detail in our Renal Transplantation Unit which is one of the most developed transplantation team of Turkey.



Our hemodialysis unit is restructured by modern facilities using advanced technological devices.

The patients are continuously monitored in dialysis unit, all the interventions are performed by a highly equipped and trained team related with this subject. Similarly, modern equipments and fluids are used in our ambulatory peritoneal dialysis unit, the patients are followed by faculty members, and 24 hours service is given for the solution of any kind of problems. Ambulatory peritoneal dialysis program, which has major advantages especially for children and save them being attached to hemodialysis machine for hours, gives them the opportunity of having dialysis in their warm home environment and to continue to school, is especially given more importance in our unit and the patients are monitored by nurses and specialist doctors who were trained specifically for this subject. Our continuous dialysis equipments called as CVVH that provides the dialysis opportunity to the children severely ill and in poor condition, are only available in a few centers in Turkey, especially can be used for children only in one to two centers, it is actively and successfully used in our hospital.