Cardiovascular surgery services which was initiated with the first open heart operation in 10 May 1986 has formed the basis of our department. Cardiovascular surgery is a very dynamic discipline with the new methods and techniques of the cardiovascular disease treatments.

Because of this, sub-units are formed and it continues to enlarge with an objective of reaching to its highest point..


Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Unit

One of the priorities of our unit has been surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases since its foundation. Recently, our unit is one of the most distinguished centers of our country. Also our unit is one of the most busy units in Europe, performing approximately 650 surgeries on children every year, particularly accepting newborns and babies in the first year of life.


Adult Cardiac Surgery Unit

More than 25,000 heart operations have been performed since its establishment in 1986 till 2014. More than 1000 adult cardiac operations are performed per year recently. The patient profile is mostly consisted of coronary artery, valve surgeries and heart transplantation. Diagnostic units and operating conditions are planned to serve for 24 hours for the possible emergency situations specific for coronary heart diseases.


Heart Transplantation Unit

Treatment program at this field began in 2002 and currently it is one of the busiest transplantation centers in our country. Special attention is paid to the terminal stage heart failure patients and especially who have complex congenital heart diseases.


Vascular Surgery Unit

It has been established to provide a specific point of view to both surgical and medical treatment of vascular diseases. Outpatient care is provided to more than 4.000 patients annualy. All kind of arterial system treatments are being performed in medical and surgical poit of view, including vasodilatation therapies, carotid endarterectomies and distal limb bypass surgeries. Thermocoagulation, sclerotherapy, endovenous treatments in the treatment of varicose veins are performed; a separate unit has been established for the treatment of post-thrombophlebitic syndrome, lymphedema and venous ulcer treatments.

This unit is also the pioneer in our country for endovascular stent graft applications in aortic aneurysms, performing operations successfully for the patients who are convenient for this process.


Thoracic Surgery

Surgical treatments of all intrathoracic diseases, mainly lung cancers, restoration of chest wall structural deformities, cyctic and inflammatory diseases of lungs are performed. VATS (video aided thoracoscopic surgery) which is getting more popular at recent years is a surgical approach to intrathoracic pathologies. Especially the video operation of hyperhidrosis (sympatectomy) which has hand and arm sweating symptoms is successfully treated in our clinic.