In adult hematology clinic; all anemia causes due to nutritional deficiency, mainly iron deficiency, thalassemia, and sickle cell anemia transporter and disease which progress with increased destruction of red blood cells, quantitative and functional disorders of leucocytes which provide defense and platelets that prevent bleeding, diseases characterized with tendency of bleeding (hemophilia, von Willebrand disease etc.), disorders that progress with clotting within vascular system (deep vein thrombosis, thromboembolias), problems with bleeding and clotting of liver and renal transplant patients; Cancers such as acute and chronic leukemia, multiple myeloma, Hodgkin's and nonhodgkin lymphomas which are derived from bone marrow and lymph nodes and bone marrow (stem cell lymphomas) diagnosis and treatments are carried out successfully.

The studies of the department include inpatient and outpatient services. Also, assistant diagnostic methods such as peripheral blood smear and obtaining and examination of bone marrow sample are performed. Necessary blood and blood sample products (platelet, plasma, erythrocyte suspensions etc.) transfusions, blood and plasma exchanges and reducing cells (leukapheresis, thrombopheresis), erythrocyte exchange process are performed. Together with many blood tests necessary in terms of hematologic diagnosis; some specific tests such as flow cyctometry, genetic examination, tissue group study are performed within our hospitals.