The services offered in the Department of Dermatology are:

Diagnosis and Treatment of hair and scalp

• Scalp biopsy

• Dermatoscopy of scalp (superficial skin microscopy)

• Analysis of the hair in computerized environment (Trichostrongulus-life)

• Diphencyprone immunotherapy: Drug treatment of scalp for the treatment of alopecia areata disease (regional or complete hair loss)

• Hair loss treatment with cortisone injections into the scalp


Diagnosis and treatment of excessive sweating

• Iodine-starch test, to determine the severity of sweating by weighing the paper absorb sweat

• Iontophoresis: weak electrical current implementation in the water bath in the treatment of excessive sweating of palms and soles of the feet  

• Botox: Botulinum toxin injection in the treatment of excessive sweating of underarms and palms


Diagnosis, treatment and follow up of skin cancer with nevus and pigmented (brown-black) lesions

  • Dermatoscopic examination (superficial skin microscopy): Detailed examination of nevus and other brown-black lesions by magnification with a special device
  • Digital (computerized dermatoscopy): Detailed examination of nevus and other brown-black lesions by a specific computerized device, follow up by taking photographs, mapping of entire body nevus


Cryotherapy (snow treatment)

  • Treatment of some cancer precursor diseases and some skin cancers and benign skin disorders such as warts, nevus and sunspots by spraying freezing sprays


Electro surgery (electrocautery)

  • Treatment of benign skin diseases such as warts, nevus, expansion of capillaries, cancer precursor diseases and some skin cancers by burning with electricity


Phototherapy / Narrow band UVB/ PUVA (ultraviolet sunlight treatment)

  • Treatment of many skin diseases such as Psoriasis, vitiligo, wide body itches due to chronic renal failure and skin lymphomas by using ultraviolet lights


Allergy tests

  • Skin patch test: Determination of allergenic substances that cause allergic eczema with the contact to skin
  • Auto log serum test: For the diagnosis of unknown etiology chronic urticeria (hives) Tzanck smear
  • Examination of smear samples obtained from any kind of skin lesions under microscope by using specific staining


Examination of Demodex folliculorum parasite by counting in face

  • Determination of the number of the parasite that proliferates excessively in facial skin and lead redness and puffiness


Cosmetic Dermatology

  • Chemical peeling procedure for the treatment of acne traces and wrinkles (face, hands, décolleté region
  • Injection of filling materials (hyaluronic acid) for the treatment of wrinkles
  • Botulinium toxin injection (Botox) for the treatment of wrinkles