Anesthesia word means “numbness, non-sensation”. Anesthesiology and Reanimation speciality includes a serial of medical implementations that are developed for to provide not feeling any pain during the operation process including preoperational, intraoperational and post operational periods, to provide the comfort and increase the strength of the patient against performed intervention. There are several anesthesia types such as; general (removal of consciousness by giving drugs intravenously or by respiratory tract), regional (providing numbness of a region of the body) or local (only providing numbness of the surgical intervention site).

Anesthetist evaluates the general status of the patient before the operation, makes the necessary preparations, selects the appropriate anesthesia method according to the patient’s staus and the intervention together; controls the status of the vital organs during the operation while giving the anesthetic medications, takes the measures for them stable and not being damaged, performs the necessary treatments, gives the serum, blood and other medications; gives the necessary care and treatment at the end of the operation to eliminate the effects of anesthetic medications, not to feel pain postoperatively and for survival. Anesthetist also works in intensive care and pain treatment units, eliminates the fear, anxiety and pain of the patients and assists the diagnostic and treatment interventions performed other than operation rooms.