In Baskent University Emergency Services there are; decontamination room, resuscitation room, triage area, trauma room, patient examination rooms and observation room.

The patients that admit to emergency service are met in triage area first, and then one of the red, yellow or green triage codes are given by evaluating their emergency situation. The patients that red code is given are examined and treated in recovery room or monitored observation areas without any delay. The patients that yellow code is given are evaluated in minor trauma room, examination room or outpatient care rooms.

The patients that green code is given are evaluated in outpatient quick examination unit within a reasonable time. The patient that green code given is normally the patients that should be treated in polyclinic.

In potential life threatening circumstances it is essential to evaluate the patients immediately without delay. However in the crowded hours of the emergency service, there can be a reasonable waiting time for the patients who do not have life threatening complaints. Also, it can be necessary for patients to wait in emergency service after the first examination completed, in order to see the test results, completing the consultation process if necessary or to provide the hospitalization.